Corporate Social Responsibility

TGK procurement policy for conflict minerals

TGK is promoting procurement activities considering impact to social issues such as human rights and environment.

We recognize that the conflict mineral issue is one of the important social issues in the supply chain.

We check usage on conflict minerals and work to avoid using them if there is any concern for “causing social issues” or “being financing sources of armed groups”.

We get understanding for our policy from suppliers and also request them to work for responsible procurement activities of resources and raw materials.



Development Initiatives

TGK engages in development activities with the goal of creating products with minimal impact on the environment. In addition to restricting the use of chemical substances that may impact the surrounding environment, TGK is working to develop products that are energy-saving and that use next generation refrigerants in order to prevent global warming. We are also taking active steps to conserve resources.

Promoting Green Procurement

TGK is purchasing materials and services based not only upon quality and price, but also upon their eco-friendliness. TGK has formulated its own Green Procurement Standards that detail specific requirements related to green purchasing. Based upon these standards, suppliers cooperate in providing us with eco-friendly materials and services.


In addition to meticulous preventive maintenance of existing equipment, TGK is steadily shifting to new equipment and machinery with low environmental impact. We have introduced sweeping initiatives to root out wastefulness and improve production efficiency, aiming to contribute to the prevention of global warming.


TGK is working to improve carry efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions in its logistics operations by implementing milk runs* and by cutting vehicle engines when stopped. We are also promoting the use of returnable containers in place of cardboard in an effort to cut down on waste.

Energy Saving Activities

As a means of promoting greater efficiency in energy saving activities, TGK has started by setting up clear usage standards for lighting and air conditioning systems for administrative offices. At production-related worksites, we are working to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing activities in order to cut down on power use.

3R Activities

Promoting the reduction of waste is also linked with resource- and energy-saving initiatives. TGK has introduced stringent standards for separating and processing waste in order to eliminate the unnecessary disposal of resources that can be recycled and reused.

We connect with local communities.

TGK is rooted in local communities and promotes activitiesto give back to these communities, including periodically cleaning up the area surrounding each plant, to fulfill our social responsibility.